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Hebridean workshop, day 4, a ruined croft and night falls at Seilebost

Still on the Golden Road in Harris, we were taken to see a ruined croft, perched overlooking a small sea inlet. The peeling paintwork and disorder of the croft was fascinating. We ended the day at Seilobost watching the sky darken over the ocean.

Hebridean workshop, day 4, reeds and reflections

After breakfast we went out on the Golden Road which runs along the eastern coat of Harris. We stopped for some lovely reflections in a calm lochan and then for architectural reeds in some moorland ponds.

Hebridean workshop, day 4, a gentle sunrise at Seilebost

On the Saturday morning we crept out of our comfy warm beds at the Harris Hotel for a dawn escapade to Seilebost Beach. As always driven by our patient mentors, Lizzie Shepherd and Alex Hare. The morning was very overcast, but rather than a lovely pink sunrise, it just got lighter. There had been a strange lenticular cloud hanging over the mountains of North Harris all week and it was very evident this morning.

Hebridean Workshop day 3, arch and stones

On the third day of the workshop we made a foray into Lewis to photograph the rock arch at Rubha na Beirghe and spend sunset at the megalithic Callanish Stones. In between we went to Dalmore Beach and Callanish II which lies a little way away from Callanish I, the main site, above Loch Ceann Hulabhaig. Again there was little cloud in the sky.  I took a Lensbaby to make some more interesting pictures of the arch and stones, as well as the straight ones.