Scotland autumn 2016, north to Ness

Strangely, as soon as we landed on Lewis the rain had stopped, and this Hebridean island seemed to have an entirely different weather system to the mainland. 
We had camped on the outskirts of Stornoway and so drove out on the main road, across peat bog until we had reached the coast road which would run north to the Butt of Lewis. We passed a wind farm and a rainbow arcing over the moor. Ever in search of tourist items we found a large standing stone, Clach an Truisell, rising up next to a cottage, occupied by citizens of the USA.

A little further north we found yet some more stones, this time a rough circle, at  a place called Steinacleit. The light was beautiful and the sky covered with scudding clouds. We could see the sea from the slight rise of the hill.


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