Chicago, day 3, Maxwell Street Market

On Sunday mornings a very large market runs in Desplaines Street in the South Loop area of the city. It is traditionally called the Maxwell Street Market although now that is not it's position. The market has always been a focal point for Chicago's immigrant population and has run for over 100 years. At first there were the Slavs and the Jews, and they gave way to the African Americans. The present market is largely Mexican and as food is a focal point, the path is lined with tables, chairs and mouth watering aromas. 
We caught the 'L' line there is order to look around and have some lunch.
Walking up from the station we passed a Greyhound Bus depot which is a pretty iconic US sight.
We wandered around the stalls and I bought a rather horrendous woollen bobble hat for a dollar. It was cold and, being surrounded by the warming scent of chilli and garlic, we soon became hungry. Lines  for food were beginning to form and so we joined the one for Rubi's, the most acclaimed food vendor. As we queued we watched the tacos being made. We were lucky to find a space at the table and ate the tacos, dripping with rich spicy sauce, or mole, and stuffed with steak. 
The last pictures are a series of the tacos being produced in Rubi's.


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