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Stonehenge and Silbury Hill

In early March I went on a visit to Stonehenge arranged by the RPS. We were on an early morning (6.30) trip which English Heritage put on to allow direct access to the stones. Needless to say it was absolutely tipping down with rain.  There were some non photographers on the trip and it was difficult to get shots without people in the frame so I decided to go with the flow and include them in a more positive manner. Then to try and get something a little different I used a Holga lens. The trip had finished by 9.30 so I had some breakfast and then drove up to Silbury Hill and Avebury to continue along the same lines. The rain stopped and the people came out. However Avebury seemed a lot more atmospheric than Stonehenge. Here are the pictures from Stonehenge and Silbury Hill, Avebury to follow.

Outside Tate Modern

A few pictures from the locale of Tate Modern.

Inside Tate Modern

I paid a visit to Tate Modern to see the Giacometti exhibition and ended up spending the day there. It is a fantastic place for photography, especially the new Blavatnik building with it's concrete structure. I started in the Tanks area and then, after a coffee went over to see the Giacometti where you are not supposed to take pictures, although I did sneak in a couple. I then went round the general galleries before returning to the Blavatnik building and going up to the viewing area at the top. I saw a Giacometti exhibition on the Sainsbury Centre at Norwich University last year. Although there was not quite the amount of major works it was a more interesting than the Tate exhibition.
Starting in the Tanks, I have put the information boards up underneath the art pieces where appropriate. There was a magnificent rendition of Thomas Tallis,  Motet for Forty Voices, engineered by Janet Cardiff with Salisbury Cathedral Choir. Each singer had been miked separately and had their own s…