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And so to Venice

At the end of January Alan and I had a week in Venice. It proved to be the perfect time with very few tourists, and although it was cold it never rained. I had to persuade Alan that he could not take his bike as they are not permitted on the island but he soon discovered that travel by water is good fun. We flew in to Marco Polo airport after an early departure from Gatwick  and caught a bus to Piazzale Roma on the island of Venice, where all motorised land vehicles terminate. Here there is an enormous car park next to the train station.
As advised by my guide book we bought a week long season ticket (pretty cheap) for the vaporetto and walked to the Ferrovia water stop to catch our boat down the Grand Canal to San Angelo, the nearest stop for the accommodation we had rented. Here we were to meet a guide to take us to our place. Two students were waiting for us and we all wandered around aimlessly for about 45 minutes until we eventually found the apartment. It was dark by that time …


After a very wet early morning it had started to dry out a little in Avebury, but the sun did not come out and the sky remained ominously cloudy. When I arrived the car park was empty but as time drew on more and more people came to walk around the stones and take in some of the atmosphere. I took photos at first using the Holga lens on my digital camera but then switching to a 'normal' view. I converted all of the pictures to monotone.

Stonehenge and Silbury Hill

In early March I went on a visit to Stonehenge arranged by the RPS. We were on an early morning (6.30) trip which English Heritage put on to allow direct access to the stones. Needless to say it was absolutely tipping down with rain.  There were some non photographers on the trip and it was difficult to get shots without people in the frame so I decided to go with the flow and include them in a more positive manner. Then to try and get something a little different I used a Holga lens. The trip had finished by 9.30 so I had some breakfast and then drove up to Silbury Hill and Avebury to continue along the same lines. The rain stopped and the people came out. However Avebury seemed a lot more atmospheric than Stonehenge. Here are the pictures from Stonehenge and Silbury Hill, Avebury to follow.