Bluebells from Wiltshire

I am interrupting the Chicago blogs to bring news of bluebells, while they are still in bloom.
Last week I went on a work shop with Valda Bailey and Terry Gibbons based in a wood where there were a mass of bluebells. Unlike the woods around her it was quite tidy which made for less distractions. The morning entailed a 5.00am meet up so I stayed overnight at a B&B in Pewsey in order to lessen the shock. We photographed until around 9.00am and then went back to Marlborough where we had breakfast and spent a few hours developing and printing our pictures with the help of Valda and Terry, and also Toby from Fotospeed (feel a bit of a traitor here as I have always been a Permajet girl).
The sun came up with a lovely warm glow and there was even a little mist coming through the trees.
Here are some of the finished images, with some ICM and multiple exposure ones at the end.


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